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Polish Pottery from Ceramika Artystyczna is appreciated all over the world for its simple, functional form and its unique beautiful decorations. But is there something else that makes it a one of a kind and recognized all over the world? Is it the 400 years of conditional craftsmanship or the souls of the artists centuries ago that is embedded in the form? Or perhaps it is the passion of those who spend their lives creating the inner world imagation through the love and care for this pottery. Pottery design today is not much different from the designs from over 400 years ago.  It is the design the artists from Ceramika Artystyczna are really proud of. The designs bear the marks of the complicated history of the region of lower Silesia.  Over the centuries has belonged the Poles, the Czechs, the Austrians and the Germans.  The design reflects all these nations love of beautiful and simple forms. The stoneware from Boleslawiec has one more reason for its uniqueness.  It is the unusual ability to change. The long and laborious process of creation and the soil of the region of lower Silesia in the hands of local craftsman’s are transformed into the rare and precious pottery. This soil is not very common.  It is specially mined in two quarries from the Bohr River.  Although there seems nothing special to it, thanks to the craftsman’s extraordinary skills it can change into uniquely beautiful pottery. Painting of Polish pottery is a huge task.  Ceramika Artystyczna factory has always chosen only the best craftsmen.  To be able to create the unusual forms of Boleslawiec stoneware they need to be talented and extremely patient, and imaginative.   Each of the artists has a different story to tell.  And their stories can be read in their art.  The art is what makes Polish pottery from Ceramika Artystyczna an exceptional thing of beauty.  We hope that when you drink your next coffee from one of our cups you experience not only aroma, but also the feelings the artist experienced creating this stoneware. Good feelings. Ceramika Artystyczna Polish pottery is a striking addition to any home and we hope you will take the opportunity to search through our inventory of extraordinary and beautiful pieces of Signature and Traditional pottery.


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