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Special Order Information

Polish Pottery Stoneware, Dinnerware, and Bakeware

It is rare or unheard of for a company to offer its customers the ability to place an order for a pattern created in years past, especially in the dinnerware and bakeware lines. Most companies produce only a few patterns, but you have almost 4000 patterns available for special ordering from Ceramika Artystyczna.

Recently I had a customer ask if the pottery was just stored in a warehouse and pulled when we placed an order. No, that is not the case, all of the pottery is formed, hand stamped, hand painted, signed (Signature/Unikat Series), and inspected after they receive our order. Depending on the size of the order the creation process usually takes 3 to 4 months. After the pottery has been specially made for you then it must be transported from Poland to a port in the U.S. The journey is a long one; it takes 3 to 4 weeks by water. When the stoneware hits land again, it must clear customs and then it is trucked via FedEx freight to Texas, taking yet another 2 to 3 weeks. Once we have the pottery in our possession we unpack and inspect each individual piece before we contact you. You can see how it sometimes takes 6 months or more for your custom order to arrive, but according to many of our customers it is well worth the wait!

We recently added a new function to the site that allows you to place a special order online. Not all items are listed yet, but  we are working on adding all 950 different forms offered by Ceramika Artystyczna to our SPECIAL ORDER SHAPES category. With those items you will be able to specify which pattern you would like in each item and complete your purchase online.

Until this project is completed, if you have a shape you would like to order and it is not listed please call to place your special order. We would be happy to help you complete your collection, even one piece at a time.

There is a 25% restocking fee for special orders not picked up or canceled after we have submitted your order to Ceramika Artystyczna. Keep in mind that all items are hand painted and therefore each decoration is unique. Returns for special orders are subject to the 25% restocking fee.
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